Url Encode / Decode Tool Online

This url encode/decode tool allows you to encode/decode urls easily .
Browse File to add text
Load text from URL
Copy to clipboard

How it work :

This tool is designed to easily encode/decode urls. Add single or multiple urls in the textarea and click on option available. if you want to see original text click on restore, click on download to download as text file or copy to clipboard by clicking on copy.

How to use tool:

Encode : Which encode url and dispaly result in same textarea.
Decode : Which decode url and dispaly result in same textarea.
Restore : If you click on restore it will show original text you added.
Download : If you want to save result as a text file then just click on "Download". It will save text into text file and file will automatically download.
Copy : No need to use Control-C. Once you encode/ decode url, just click on Copy and it will copy all text automatically.